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Easy ways to decorate your home this Christmas

Here are some clever and cheap ideas to make your home really festive this Christmas

By: John Leonidou

Published: 2019-11-27 14:49:12

Category: Property News

With Christmas just around the corner and winter in full swing, now couldn’t be a better time to start planning out the decorations around your home.

While putting up the old Christmas tree and stockings are the more traditional ways to make your home more festive, there are other clever ways to really make your interior all cool and Chrismassy!

Check out these simple ways to really get your home into the festive spirit:

A real Christmas entrance Your corridor is the first thing visitors usually see when entering a home so it stands to reason that a bit of decorative flair wouldn’t go amiss. Try adding wreaths to the walls or perhaps free standing light ornaments at the foot of the staircase. Or maybe just place some nice decorations on the bannister of the staircase like LED garlands and decorative baubles.

A festive but modern look Seeking a more modern look this Christmas? Why not go a palette of white paired with brass or silver metallic accents. Neutral palettes can include whites, tans and browns while some people also opt cool or warm Christmas lights, brass or silver cutlery and metallic rimmed glassware.

Why not take a modern twist on Christmas decorating this winter by adding neutral colours?
Why not take a modern twist on Christmas decorating this winter by adding neutral colours?

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Going neutral or white is not to everybody’s taste though. Afterall, the colours of Christmas include gold, red, silver and green. So you could go the opposite why and pepper your home with this bright and jubilant colours or maybe even use them together for a unique, festive showing.

Adding some Christmas character Ornaments are the usual way to go when it comes to adding some Christmas feel to the place! These can be as unique as you like or even playful and fun, especially if there are small children around. Snow globes are also a great way to go!

Going against the Christmas tide Although not a colour that is traditionally linked with Christmas, dark blue is a great standout colour. And why is that important? Because standout colours make stunning hues, especially when you’re using traditional Christmas colours like red, gold and green. Dark blue helps create a beautiful festive look that is both striking and contemporary.

Red, green and gold are traditional Christmas colours
Red, green and gold are traditional Christmas colours