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DIY tricks that are child’s play

Decorating a child's room can be a struggle. But here are some cool ways to get you moving along.

By: John Leonidou

Published: 2020-09-08 09:00:00

Category: Property News

Need some cool decor ideas for a kid’s bedroom? These cheap and easy tips will give it a real wow factor!

Whether they’re knee-high or strapping teenagers, a little imagination will go a long way to transforming a room with little character into a fantastic space that’s right for your child.

Used for sleeping, playing and working, a kid’s bedroom should reflect their own unique personalities.

Designing the right kind of kid's bedroom may seem a little bit of a challenge for some parents but it doesn’t have to be. Understanding a child’s characters is the best way towards designing their bedrooms.

Making something old look new and snazzy Do you have any old furniture lying around the house? How about an old stool or small table lying around or just wasting away in the attic. Give it a good lick of paint and maybe even make some clever designs. Do you have an old fruit basket lying around. With a quick and easy makeover, that can be a brilliant addition to the corner of the room especially when it comes to storing bits and bob.

Getting rid of old bags and mess at the same time Storage solutions don’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. There are so many clever and simple ways to create storage and ensure the room is kept nice and tidy. You could perhaps find some canvas bags around your home and maybe paint them different colours or with different patterns and then just hang them on hooks.

Why not make your child's decor look fun as well as looking great and showing off his or her favourite things.
Why not make your child's decor look fun as well as looking great and showing off his or her favourite things.

Make sure you use the right colours Colours can have different effects on people and none more so when it comes to children. A colour can alter somebody’s mood and behaviour so choosing the right colour for a kid’s room is crucial. Using many and lots of bold and bright colours is not necessarily the way to go. Try to use a playful but sensible combination always working with the child as to what he or she prefers.

Showcasing their artwork Does your child love to paint, draw or craft things? Framing their work will not only bring to life any white walls but will also make them feel even more proud about their room. You never know? It may be the start of a glittering art career! Frame their drawings and encourage them to be creative and use lots of interesting colours too.

Trying accessorising cleverly Without spending more than a few pounds at a time, try adding some interesting items to the room. Adding something like a small shelf to the wall - to add some of these accessories - can make a world of difference. You can pick up some really interesting old toys or accessories from the local market. They can add real character to a room!